Luxury Dress Rentals Agreement

Rental Agreement


Welcome To Barbados Dress Rentals!  Thank you for selecting us for your photoshoot needs.  Please review the rental agreement in full and sign and date the agreement using the Docusign prompts provided.  When you arrive for your rental pickup, please bring your ID as well as the credit card used to reserve your rental.  IDs accepted include government issued ID cards, driver’s licenses, or passports.  This information is required to receive your rental.


The renter agrees to the following:

We accept cancellations on rentals up to 72 hours prior to your collection date. If you cancel no less than 72 hours prior to your shoot, we will issue a full refund. After 72 hours, no refunds will be issued on Rental bookings. 

Rental Dresses can only be used for photoshoots and cannot be worn to any events.  Rentals that are worn to events automatically will be noted as a breach of contract and renters will not receive their security deposit back.


All rentals are picked up and dropped off at Welches/Cost-U-Less complex daily at 12pm sharp unless alternate arrangements are made with Barbados Dress Rentals.  Our team will contact you with instructions on how to pickup/return your garment.

Reschedule Policy

Renters are eligible for a one time reschedule on their booking.  You must notify Barbados Dress Rentals via email at within 24 hours prior to your rental pick up date/time to reschedule. Once you have notified us and we have confirmed receipt of your email requesting a new rental date, we will hold your rental payment towards your future date for up to 3 months.  In the event a reschedule date is not provided within 3 months, your rental payment will not be returned but we will return your security deposit.

Security Deposit

Renters are required to pay a security deposit of $50 USD per item.  This security deposit is held in the event of damages to the rental dress.  All rentals should returned in the same condition they were delivered with the respective hangers, garment bags, boxes, or other accessories you were provided at the time of the rental. Damage inspection and determining the cost of repairing damages is solely at the discretion of Barbados Dress Rentals.  Once we receive the dress back, we will inspect it and if there are damages, we will determine the amount of the security deposit that will be held to repair the dress.  If the dress is returned in the condition it was received, the full security deposit will be returned within 48 hours.  In the event of damage, we will notify the renter via email with images of the damage, as well as the damage amount.  We will then refund the balance minus the damage amount within 48 hours.  In the event the dress is lost, damaged beyond repair or not returned, security deposits will not be returned and the client will be accessed the full amount of the cost of replacing the dress to the credit card on file.  We will notify clients of these charges via email.



Care Policy


All of our dresses are either new or in like new condition. We strive to have the best quality in our dresses, but remember, they may have some cosmetic wear since they are rentals.  Once you receive your rental, we require renters to inform us of any wear and tear by 7pm Barbados time on the day of their rental pickup. Please send clear pictures of the damages to our company email: Subject: Rental Damages.  These damages will be noted on your rental file so that when you return your rental, we will not access any of those noted damages on your return inspection.  Please note we also access rental dresses prior to delivery and will note any damages in our file prior to providing you with the dresses.


Please handle all rentals with care.  Many of our dresses are delicate so please be mindful when putting them on to avoid tears and damages.  Remove jewelry prior to putting on your rental and be careful not to get makeup on the rentals.


Dresses may NOT be altered in any way from its original condition at time of rental. Dresses will be provided to the renter already steamed and ready to be used.  In some cases because of transport, the renter may need to remove wrinkles from dresses.  Please do not use irons on dresses, renters may steam dresses if needed on the low setting.  Please be mindful that some steamers can get very hot and scorch a dress.  Test a small area before proceeding.  Do not dry clean dresses or machine wash dresses.  In the event of a minor stain, you may spot clean dresses. Renters must not submerge dresses in water.  In the event you are doing your photoshoot on the beach, lightly shake out any sand after use.  If you are shooting any of our tulle or sequins dresses on the beach, do not shoot them on the sand, we recommend shooting on a cliff edge overlooking the beach and prohibit shooting these dresses directly on sand.



Rental Return


All renters are provided with instructions on rental return date, location and time. In the event the renter fails to return the dress on time, you will be accessed a fee of $30 usd/day which will be subtracted from your security deposit.  Additional charges will be accessed to the credit card on file.


In the event that inclement weather occurs which postpones your photoshoot and you are already in possession of your rental, you must contact us at as soon as possible.  All rentals are final.   We are not liable for reschedules that occur but at our discretion we will do our best to accommodate reschedules as long as there is dress availability.  Depending on when the shoot is rescheduled to, the renter may have to return the dress and pickup it again once the shoot is rescheduled.  In that event, your rental cost will be credited to the new date.  







Monif Clarke

Owner, Barbados Dress Rentals




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